Women's Ministry

About the Berea Baptist Church Women's Ministry:
  • Each woman is uniquely created by God. She has such value, a strength within herself, and a purpose for her life. Our vision is to encourage, support, and empower each woman both in our congregation as well as our community as they seek the heart of God. Through prayer, God’s word, and the power of the Holy Spirit, our goal is to walk alongside women by encouraging spiritual development, fostering friendships, and helping her to grow and thrive in her journey in life.


  • Survey- Please take our 10-question survey so that we can better serve your needs.


Events Going on with the Women's Ministry:

  • Friday, June 22nd   6:30pm

Please plan on attending our social gathering. This will be a casual event in hopes to just chat, get to know one another and build bonds of friendship.

Hickory Notch Grill   2031 Broad Street Rd, Maidens, VA 23102

Please RSVP by the 20th so we know how many tables to reserve! Call/Text 615-513-3562 or BrandeRakes@yahoo.com


My Identity as a Woman in Christ--July 13--6:30 pm



Women have a lot going on these days. We are daughters, professionals, wives, friends, moms, etc. But those things describe us. It is not our identity. Do you ever wonder- if all those things were stripped away, who would I be? You are a daughter of the King!


Please join us for a night of discussion regarding our identity as women following Christ.


Register for this class by emailing us at BereaWomen@gmail.com with your name and if you would need childcare.



Women's Spiritual Gifts Class--July 20th--6:30













You probably recognize evangelism, pastoring, prophecy & speaking in tongues as spiritual gifts. But what about discernment, administration, healing, encouraging, leading.
1 Corinthians 12:7 “To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.”
What are the gifts God has given you to use? How do you grow them? This class is to help you understand how to serve & glorify God with these gifts. 

To participate, register by emailing BereaWomen@gmail.com. Let us know your name and if you would need childcare.



Women's Self Defense Class--August 4th--9 to 12

 Learn how to be fully aware of your surroundings & defend yourself against any attack with other women in a safe, non-judgmental class. 

This is a FREE community event! Come have fun in this casual, laid back setting while learning how to be fully aware of your surroundings. Along with assertiveness & safety strategies, verbal confrontation and physical techniques teaching you to successfully escape, resist and survive any situation. This free event is for ages 8 & up. 
This is taught by Instructor Gross from Inspire Martial Arts, Ashland. For More info, email BereaWomen@gmail.com


Women's Bible Study  Aug. 2nd


From the time we are little girls, we long to be loved and accepted. But the truth is, it’s impossible to walk through life without experiencing the pain & loneliness of betrayal, shame, guilt, loss, judgement or rejection. These wounds can shape our view and question if we are worthy of love. 

Join us for a 12-week study to find hope and encouragement that as our plans, hearts and lives change, God is there. The study “Never Alone” by will reveal the depth and healing power of Jesus’ unconditional love for us and how we will never escape his love. Together, we can discover the truth that we are indeed never alone. 

The study will look at Jesus’ encounters with six hurting women, challenging us to heal, grow, and embrace ourselves to become “Unashamed & Free as the Woman caught in adultery; Desperate & Hopeful as the Hemorrhaging Woman; Dignified & Entrusted as the Woman at the Well; Grateful & Audacious as the Woman who Anointed Him; Rescued & Redeemed as Mary Magdalene; Chosen & Courageous as his mother, Mary.” 

Join us beginning Aug. 2nd either 
In person at Berea Baptist Church classroom—Thursdays, 10am 
Or online through a facebook private group

Register at BereaWomen@gmail.com to participate


Women's Equine Empowerment Course--Saturyda August, 11th. 


Feeling overwhelmed, confused, stuck or unconnected? As a woman, we tend to take on others burdens, nurture everyone else and make sure our loved ones are taken care of. However, we tend to be so busy we forget ourselves. 
Our past emotions and traumas can leave us feeling this way, which is not healthy. 
With Equine-assisted empowerment, the horses mirror ways in which you are giving up on yourself or losing your confidence. Work intimately with horses to discover yourself, with healing, hope, and restoration. You are empowered to be the best person you can be. (NO riding or prior experience required)
You will be led by Kristin Fitzgerald, founder of Horse Highlights, LLC. She is extremely skilled in her leadership as she is an EAGALA certified professional, a certified E3A trained facilitator, and has been a professional in the equestrian field for over 17 years. https://www.horsehighlightsllc.com/



 Free LIve Simulcast--September 15th


Hey Ladies! You don't want to miss this FREE Beth Moore event on Sept 15th. Space is limited so register for your FREE tickets now!! Come and go during the day as your schedule allows (you do not have to stay all day if you can't).

Come and Join us!!