If you have questions about any of the Youth Events

please feel free to contact us at! 


September 21, 6- 8:00 PM

Berea Kids/Youth Kickoff -- Nerf Wars, Games, Food,

Most Importantly---JESUS!!!!  6-8:00 PM in the FLC

and the Main Church Builidng!



Beginning Fall of 2019- Every Sunday from

5:00 - 6:30 PM in the Family Life Center the Youth will

meet for games, missions, worship and a chance to

grow closer to Christ!




  • Hidden in Plain Sight

Hidden in Plain Sight is a FREE community initiative of Teens Care Too and Hanover Cares, in partnership with Hanover County Sheriff's Office, Hanover County Public Schools, and Hanover County Community Services, to help educate parents on possible signs of drug and alcohol use by teens.
A teenager’s bedroom is replicated to allow parents to “snoop” around to find indicators of drug/alcohol use and hiding spots.

Register at:

Thursday Breakfast: 

Meet at Aw Shucks Country Store @ 7:30am next to the church weekly for breakfast.  


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Sunday School:

Middle School 6-8th grade led by Carson Stone and Lindsey Tate

High School 9-12th grade led by Sam Stone